Who are we?

Hi, we’re John, Sam and Jez from Rapid Ascent. You probably know us from the off-road events we’ve been organising around Australia for the last 18 years. Events like the Surf Coast Century, The Margaret River Ultra Marathon, The Otway Odyssey, The GOGG, Run Larapinta, The Anaconda Adventure Race (back in the day!) and many many more.

What you might not know is that our love for adventure goes much deeper than competitive events… Our personal lives have always been punctuated by multi-day odysseys into “the wild”.

Between us, we’ve organised and lead our own trips like ski-mountaineering in Kamchatka Russia, sea-kayaking around South Georgia Island, climbing in Nepal and Bolivia, white water kayaking in Patagonia, gravel grinding in Montana, mountain biking in NZL, paddling Bass Strait and much much more.

The thing is…

We’ve done our fair share of adventuring and now we will combine our event management skills and knowledge of the great outdoors to allow others to go adventuring as well.

We know that people return from exertions in the wilderness as a completely new person… with a refreshed perspective on life and work and their priorities. There is something about sharing a journey with others, of moving through a magnificent landscape under your own steam, of struggling hard to get to the top of a climb and the supreme satisfaction that overcoming adversity brings.

Somehow it puts life into technicolour.

There are plenty ‘adventure tours’ out there where all you have to do is be strapped into a seat belt and hold on – this is something completely different. This is using your love of adventure sport and pushing your body to visit new heights in a coordinated, guided environment.

You could call it a hardship holiday.

This style of travel has the power to change lives and we’ve created Rapid Ascent Journeys so we can share these transformative experiences with even more like minded adventurers (like you).

So, you coming?

Here’s what past adventurers have said


Join The Inner Circle


Absolutely! Give us a call on (03) 5261 5511 – or – send us an email on journeys@rapidascent.com.au and ask us anything. We’re here to help. 

For each pre-planned trips, we assign a “Spice” rating on our fitness scale. The most difficult is 5 chillies (🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶) which means you’ll need a very high level of fitness. The lowest rating is 1 chilli (🌶) which means the trip is more suitable to “couch potato” than “elite athlete”. 

Depending on the discipline (running, hiking, MTBing, Gravel Cycling, Kayaking), the chilli ratings will mean slightly different things. For example, in gravel cycling 5 chillis means you train on the bike 10+ hours per week. Whereas for trail running, 5 chilis means you run 100km+ per week. You can explore the nuances of each rating system here. 

For bespoke trips you can name your own tune. Tell us how spicy you want things and we’ll match your needs. 

Again, this varies wildly. From white water to calm ponds, double-black diamond single-track to flat hot mix – every trip is different. For more information, check out a specific trip or give us a call to discuss your bespoke journey. 

There will be training advice on each individual journey page (see current journeys here). 

For bespoke trips, we’ll help plan your training once we have the course mapped out and a plan in place. 

We aim to have at least one guide for every five to seven guests and multiple support vehicles (depending on discipline). This means we can split into smaller groups of similar ability and speeds while still keeping things social.

We normally find there’s a “Top Guns” group that likes to push the pace up front; a “Pop Guns” group that just ticks along at a decent clip while having a yarn; and a “What Guns?” group – those folk who are here for the scenery, stop for photos and take it all in.

So glad you asked. Yes we do! If you have a group of mates or colleagues and you want to do something EPIC, but don’t have the time or expertise to plan it yourself – we can be your “adventure consultants”.

We’ll plan the routes, provide full support (food, accomm, catering, safety etc) and basically make it all happen so all you have to do is turn up and start the adventure.

Need some ideas? Try these on for size:

  • The “Dirty” Summit to Sea by bike / multisport trip: (start on top of any peak and finish with a swim in any ocean and do it all off-road!)
  • Trail Run ANY TRACK! Want to knock off Federation Peak, The South Coast Track, Mt Zeil or any other hiking track by moving fast and light? We’ll make it happen.
  • Ride any route – maybe it’s the Tasmania Trail, the MundaBiddi in WA or any other network of single track, gravel roads or 4WD tracks anywhere on the continent.
  • Sea Kayak The Bass Strait – a rugged sea kayaking expedition from Victoria, across Bass Strait to the stunning Flinders Island and on to Tasmania.
  • The “7 Summits by foot”: Tackle the highest mountains in every state of Australia (trail running or hiking).
  • Victoria’s Best Hikes Combo – Experience the diversity of Victoria over a week with stunning hikes in the Grampians, Otways (think tropical rainforest!) and High Country (think stunning alpine scenery).
  • Or any other odyssey you can possibly imagine in Australia or New Zealand!

We can help dream up the perfect adventure for your group. Arrange a time to chat here